Wardian Case

Performative Installation

in collaboration with Gabriel Hensche

Plants, singers, gas-exchange system, blue and red light, climate chambers (bubble wrap, greenhouse poles), I PadsInstallation: 15 x 15 x 3 m
Duration of the performance:  2 hrs

‘Wardian Case’ is titled after Mr. Ward’s case invented to transport exotic plants over the ocean. It is a com- posing machine consisting of plants, singers and a gas exchange measuring system. Airtight membranes separate seven climatic chambers from each other in which a plant and a singer are arranged in a lab-like manner.

Installation view, Theaterhaus Stuttgart, 2014

Installation view, Theaterhaus Stuttgart, 2014

The reciprocal gas exchange between the plant and the singer is recorded as a log by the meter and is the basis for the resulting score. As the singers vocalize the recorded plant activities, a machine records them and continues to write the score, now under the influence of the singing, which affects the plant activities. This feedback continues until part of the system is overloaded. As the voice shows the biggest signs of wear, it puts an end to the composing machine.